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Auditions - Jan 12 or 19, 2020  

Vaud-Villities Dance Auditions – “Wish You Were Here”

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Note: “Wish you Were Here” Performance Dates: April 23-26, 2020


Audition Dates:  January 12th and 19th

Time:  4:30pm -7:00pm.  (4:15pm warm up)

Location: Northland Performing Arts Center – 4411 Tamarack Drive, Columbus OH

Dance Styles:  Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Kick line


A short routine will be taught for each style, which will then be performed for a panel of judges. There will be a group warm-up.


The show will include the opportunity for dancers at many levels but to be considered for advanced level numbers the following techniques are required to be demonstrated:


  • Double pirouettes, Calypso leaps, Grande Jetes, Fans, Battements - in different directions


  • Pullbacks, Wings, Time steps/Double Time steps, Stationary and Traveling turns

Note:  “Wish you Were Here” Performance Dates:  April 23-26, 2020


Vaud-Villities Vocal Auditions – “Wish You Were Here”


Audition Dates:  January 12th and 19th

Duration: 1 hour

Time:  1:00 pm -4: 00 pm (You must sign up for a 1 hour slot)

Location: Northland Performing Arts Center – 4411 Tamarack Drive, Columbus OH


Step 1:  Vocal Auditions are required if:

  • You wish to be cast in an ensemble and/or solo vocals. 

  • You are new to Vaud-Villities and wish to sing in the chorus or ensembles/solos.

Step 2​

Step 3

  • Come prepared to perform 16 bars of a vocal selection.  Bring two copies of the music with you.

Step 4​

Download these two songs by clicking the buttons below, and bring them with you. There will also be a group vocal placement portion during the hour audition. Download these two songs and bring them with you: